Fix rate EUR 555.- for the CARGO DAMAGE SURVEYS wherever in Turkey

Sorry for the competitors in Turkey,
But we need some movement in our business for the time being
That’s why, we herewith declare a shock damping!

Fix rate, lump sum EUR 555.- for any CARGO DAMAGE SURVEY wherever in Turkey
Until the end of year 2019.

Client satisfaction mentality…

Which starts with prompt response to any appointment or any query or whatsoever…

You will receive either a firm answer or an acknowledgement within an hour in most cases

In any case, you will immediately feel the difference, if you haven’t felt already

The fix rate covers the damage survey of any kind of goods which could be completed within 1 calendar day in Turkey

The fix rate covers the possible costs of transport, accommodation, meal, usual communication, etc., where applicable

The “follow up surveys”, if any, are up to the decision of clients and the relevant costs are negotiable

However, it’s not likely that a “follow up survey” needed unless major or complex claims arise as you know…

The communication period for chasing the claim up to 1 month is also covered by the said fix rate

For the overseas clients, there is no VAT or any other tax, which to be added for the clients based in Turkey as necessary

If you see anything unclear, please ask by email or phone or how you wish…

So, the next step is to take note of above and share with your friends in order to try at the first opportunity!

Good luck & success to all who read above…

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AKAYA is a well experienced survey, inspection, investigation company founded on 1st November, 2000​





Result oriented

Fruitfully ...

​We are active in this business at all major ports / industrial regions of Turkey.  
USUAL SCOPE, which subject to amendment acc. to specific requirements of the clients, covers the followings:-

A)    Pre-loading inspection of the carrying vessel from point of cargo-worthiness, particularly including cargo holds and hatch-covers, to attendhose-testand/or double bottom pressure test and/or bilge suction test where applicable.

B)    To supervise loading,dunnaging, stowage, separation, lashing-securing of the steel products during loading to vessel, to suggest improvements (without prejudice) to stevedoring officials in case any insufficiency / careless handling observed during operations.

C)    Toprotect principals’ interestssuch as issuing without prejudice Letter of Protest and/or Recommendation against counter parties where a significant failure or irregularity observed prior to or during loading operation.

D)    To attendweigh-bridgeof the loading port and to performtallyduring loading if specifically required, also to attend whole course of loading in respect of above items, during which, to observe / note general condition of the cargo and to report loaded quantity figures.

E)     Particularly to report stowage findings per lot / sort of the products / per ship’s hold upon completion along withspecific stowage diagrams prepared by our surveyors, if needed, also photographs, cargo documents, ship’s certificates, etc.  
Upon completion of the supervision, we mainly report our findings under the following highlights:-

Particulars of cargo
Particulars of vessel
Statement of facts
Pre-loading inspection of the vessel
Hose test, double bottom pressure test and bilge suction test results
Marks and numbers / tag info
Loading procedure
Initially advised quantity to be loaded
Final quantity loaded&size-wise details if needed
Stowage, lashing, separation details covering;
Wooden dunnages
Separation between different lots of cargoes
Marine bands or foam if applied on the ship’s hatch-covers before sailing, etc.
Problems faced / irregularities found&other specific developments during loading 
General condition of cargo
Physical damages or defects on the cargo, rust, etc. if any,
Packing details
Descriptive Index of daily Photographs
Enclosures incl Photographs, Daily&Final Quantity Tables in excel format prepared by us during loading days,
Copies of shipping documents, etc. 

We hope the above would be of assistance and pls. do not hesitate to contact if further clarification is needed.​